Collection of works of professional art Altai has more than 3,000 works and is one of the most extensive collections of the museum.
The collection of paintings of the first artists represented by the works of Grigory Ivanovich Gurkin (Choros-Gurke),  Andrei Osipovich Nikulin, Nikolai Semyonovich Shulpinov.
Also there are presented the works by the other Altai artists: Y. Korovai, A. Borisov, V. Karev.

Gurkin (Choros-Gurke) Grigori Ivanovich
The Lake of Mountain Spirits. 1910
Oil on canvas, 95x127.
Borisov Aleksey Nikolayevich
A View of Elekmonar from a Mountain. 1918
Oil on canvas, 92,5х64
Nikulin Andrei Osipovich
Blue Altai (Altai Glaciers). 1908-1910
Oil on canvas, 87х109
Shulpinov Nikolai Semyonivich
A Mountain Landscape. 1910s – 1920s
Oil on canvas, 62х69

Gurkin (Choros-Gurke) Grigori Ivanovich (1870-1937)
Blooming maralnik.
Oil on canvas, 44,5х58,5.

Gurkin (Choros-Gurke) Grigori Ivanovich (1870-1937)
A Sketch of a Landscape with a Pond. The 1900s
Oil on canvas, 54,5х75.