Victor Kalinin exhibition «Altai and Athos».

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Kalinin Viktor. "Altai landscape". 2007 tempera on Canvas. 100x120.
Kalinin Viktor. "Altai landscape". 2007 tempera on Canvas. 100x120.
Victor Kalinin exhibition «Altai and Athos» is devoted to the 70th birthday of the artist, who is an Honoured Artist of Russia and a full member of the Russian Academy of the Arts. The museum show is his first personal exhibition in the homeland. It is dedicated to very important themes for the artist: first, Altai, and then, Athos, those spiritual peaks and vital foundations rely on forming an understanding of the philosophy of Kalinin’s art. Through all his life he carried the high ideals of his family, his parents, who were the peasants and the Altai Old Believers.  Being the twelfth child, he was the youngest in the family and was brought up with traditional christian moral values.
From his grandfather, the priest Timothy, he learned to love the book, respect for the culture of Old Believers: «rigour and diligence»,  from his father - reverence for the hearth and home, from the brothers - the basics of drawing and the love for the art. Home, family and the Altai nature are the main subjects of the artist works.
Kalinin came quite naturally in his work to the idea of embodiment of the pages of sacred history. He created dozens of paintings of biblical scenes. The painting «The Annunciation» (1992), from the collection of our museum, is presented in the exhibition next to the graphic sheets completed by the artist in 2015, during his trip to the holy land of Mount Athos, which the artist undertook with a group of Russian artists as a part of the special project - Greek and Russian cultural exchange, held under the auspices of Russia and Greece. Within a few months, with the assistance of the "Russian World” fund, the artists were able to visit unique holy places, available usually only to the monks, to see rare frescoes, to talk to the elders of Athos. Some of  drawings, created on Athos, and paintings, later resulted in a series of works, artist has presented to Greece, many have been shown in the halls of the Museum "New Jerusalem" and in the Academy of Arts in Moscow; but a significant part of these works were transferred to Barnaul, to show them to his countrymen on the personal exhibition «Altai and Athos». The exhibition also features paintings from different years from the museum’s collection.