Russian Art of the 20th century

The Altai Art Museum's collection of Russian paintings by artists working in the twentieth centuries ...

Shegal Grigory Mikhailovich (1889-1956)
The escalator. The Moscow metro. 1941-1943.
Oil on canvas, 135x164.

Pyotr Konchalovsky (1876-1956)
Willows. 1947.
Oil on canvas. 101x76,5.

Konchalovsky Petr Petrovich (1876-1956)
Dacha. 1919.
Oil on canvas. 48x59.

Drevin Alexander Davidovich (1889-1938)
Valley of the Charysh River. 1930.
Oil on canvas 59x70.

The Altai Art Museum's collection of Russian Graphic Art of XX century ...

Savinykh Irina Ivanovna (rod.1935)
Gondolier. 1965.
Paper, aquatint, rezervazh. Unframed 26,2х39; L: 35х47; B: 24,6х39,2.

Neprintsev Yuri Mikhailovich (1909-1996)
November 1941. From the graphical series «Stories about Leningraders». 1960-1961.
Etching. Unframed 83,5х63; L:63,8х49; B:62,5х46.

Favorsky Vladimir Andreevich (1886-1964)
Angel from «Trinity» by A. Rublev. 1950.
Paper, woodcut. 7,8x5,8.

Basmanov Pavel Ivanovich (1906-1993)
Walk in the steppe. 1933.
Watercolor on paper. Unframed 16,5х23,5; P: 28,8х39,8.

The Altai Art Museum's collection of Russian sculpture of XX century ...

Tsaplin Dmitry Filippovich (1890-1967)
Falcon. 1940s
Artificial stone. 36,2x12,5x21,5.

Georgi Dmitrievich Lavrov (1895-1991)
Bacchante. 1928.
Composition. Marble. 78х33х26.

The Altai Art Museum's collection of Decorative and Applied Art ...