Russian Art of the 18th - early 20th centuries

The Altai Art Museum's collection of Russian paintings by artists working in the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries currently numbers 170 works. The collection includes portraits and genre by Vasily Tropinin, Vladimir and Konstantin Makovsky, Konstantin Korovin, Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky, works by famous foreign artists Anton Raphael Mengs, Jean-Louis Voille, Kristrina Roberts, landscapes by Ivan Shishkin, Alexey Savrasov, Vasily Polenov, Isaac Levitan, works by masters of the "Union of Russian Artists" Pavel Kuznetsov and Alfred Eberling.

Savrasov Alexey Kondrantevich (1830-1897).
Spring Evening. 1886
Oil on canvas. 72.3 x 96.6.
Savrasov Alexey Kondratievich (1830-1897).
Night on the Sparrow Hills. 1881
Oil on canvas. 102,9x74.

Argunov Yakov Ivanovich (1784-after 1835)
Portrait of a Woman. 1830.
Oil on canvas. 65x3.

Christina Robertson (1796-1854)
Portrait of M.I. Baryatinskaya, in marriage Kotchubey. 1840s.
Oil on canvas. 101x78.

The Altai Art Museum's collection of Russian Graphic Art ...

Polenov Vasily Dmitrievich (1844-1927)
Etching. L27,3x21; I: 11,5x7; D: 12,3 x8,1.


Repin Ilya Efimovich (1844-1930)
A woman in a bonnet. 1870
Etching. A: 21,3h27,5; And: 7,7h11,7; D: 8,1h12.

Briullov Aleksandr Pavlovich (1798-1877)
A man and a woman.
Pencil on paper. 15x21,3.

Makovsky Vladimir Yegorovich (1846-1920)
Conversation. 1885
Etching. L. 19,4x23,7; I. 22,2x19,7; O. 8,3x12.

The Altai Art Museum's collection of sculpture ...

Troubetzkoy Paul (Paolo) Petrovich (1866-1938)
Portrait of L.N. Tolstoy. 1899
Gypsum tone. 36x31x29.

Kracht Konstantin Fedorovich (1868-1919)
Portrait of Charles Baudelaire.
Bronze, casting. 57,5x36,5x28.


Antokolski Mark Matveevich (1843-1902)
Bronze, casting. 44х27х31.
Lanceray Evgeni Alexandrovich (1848-1886)
Cossack and Young Woman Cossack. 1873
Bronze. 39x37x15.


The Altai Art Museum's collection of Decorative and Applied Art ...

The Gardner Factory.
The figure of nude women. Golyshka. 2-nd half of XIX century
Porcelain, overglaze painting, gilding. H - 22,5; Pedestal - 15,5x11,8.

The Gardner Factory.
Sugar Bowl. Tea Set Tete-a-tete of 7 items. The middle of the XIX century.
Porcelain, overglaze painting, gilding. H-8.5; D-14.5; Fas-17.

A.G. Popov's factory
The gentleman Writing a Letter. 1830-1840-ies.
Porcelain, overglaze painting, gilding. 15x16x12,3.

A.G. Popov's factory
Dish with painted flowers. 1850s.
Faience pottery, painting, gilding. 48,8x39x5.